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From the recording GUILTY AS SIN

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Originally written by Deb Ryder. Lyrics and arrangement adapted by Wayne Buttery. Produced and mixed by Bob Federer. Special thanks to all the musicians and contributors: Bob Federer (drums, Wurlitzer piano & Hammond B3 organ), Charlie Hinkel (electric bass), Wayne Buttery (lead vocal and guitars), Rita Johns and Wayne Buttery (backing vocals).


A wide brim hat,
Almost conceals, that one fallen tear.
He didn’t read my gaze as I began to grasp,
The reason he was here.
Then I caught, the faintest scent,
Of his cologne.
That same scent that lingered,
Last night in our room.

You were guilty as sin. Guilty as sin. Guilty as sin,
Of sinning with him.

She looked up, right at me,
So innocent, so pure.
She must have had me mistaken for someone,
Who ain’t been here before.
Clear-ly, she was lying.
I could see it, in her eyes.
Did she really believe,
I was falling for her lies.

Guilty as sin. She was guilty as sin. Guilty as sin,
Of sinning with him.

Now what I don’t know won’t hurt me.
Honey who, is hurting who?
You pegged me as some rookie,
As you deny the truth.
You don’t get it, do you girl?
`Cause I’ll do anything.
Just because you’re the one,
Who wears my ring.

Guitar solo

The bible says, to forgive,
And turn the other cheek.
It also says an eye for an eye,
And that’s more what I seek.
Girl you’re gonna’ find out,
That old adage is true.
They say it’s cheaper to keep her,
Therefore, he won’t be keeping you.

You were guilty as sin. Guilty as sin. Guilty as sin,
Of sinning with him.

Mmmmm Yeah
You were sinning with him.
Sinning with him.
Mmmmm-Mmmm- Mm
You don't wanna' be some kind-a Jesabelle.
You know what I'm talking about.
You were sinning with him.